Anti-Heroes Must Be Interesting

Last weekend in South Carolina one of the more thought-provoking questions for the panel members at the Mystery in The Midlands surrounded the topic of whether the protagonist must be likeable. Underlying this question there was a presumption of the mainstream moral code of right and wrong being part of a good guy’s persona. MostContinue reading “Anti-Heroes Must Be Interesting”

Cabbagetown Wall Murals – Twelve Original Family Members Left

One of my characters, the forger, in my soon-to-be-sent-out manuscript about an Atlanta art heist lives in Cabbagetown. During a research babbling session with my husband, he shares a photo of The Fiddler by Steve Seaberg and Esther Lefever created around 1986 on the CSX Railroad Wall on Wylie Street at the Krog Street viaduct.Continue reading “Cabbagetown Wall Murals – Twelve Original Family Members Left”

The Music Teacher by Barbara Hall

The Music Teacher by Barbara Hall “Inspiration is divine. For everything else there are teachers.” –St. Cecelia, Patron Saint of Musicians Author Barbara Hall created Judging Amy, a successful television series from 1999-2005. Tyne Daly played Amy’s mother in a Hartford, Connecticut setting. I was a fan of the stories involving independent women dealing withContinue reading “The Music Teacher by Barbara Hall”

NPR’s Morning Edition, Denis O’Hayer Retires I need to make a positive comment about the news and give credit where it is due. I compliment, Denis O’Hayer, a white, middle-class man who is known for his fair coverage of the news and his mentorship of others. I hope his professional standards will be carried forward by his colleagues. He willContinue reading “NPR’s Morning Edition, Denis O’Hayer Retires”

How Can Theater Training and Storytelling Improve Your Fiction?

I wrote this last year  as a guest blogger for Killer Nashville.. It appeared on July 11, 2017.  My job is writing, but I am a member of three community performance troupes involving storytelling, movement, and singing. My improvisation skills, stage experience, and playwriting enrich my fiction. Here is the Cliff Note version for non-actors orContinue reading “How Can Theater Training and Storytelling Improve Your Fiction?”