Cabbagetown Wall Murals – Twelve Original Family Members Left

Image-1-2 copyImage-1-2.jpgOne of my characters, the forger, in my soon-to-be-sent-out manuscript about an Atlanta art heist lives in Cabbagetown. During a research babbling session with my husband, he shares a photo of The Fiddler by Steve Seaberg and Esther Lefever created around 1986 on the CSX Railroad Wall on Wylie Street at the Krog Street viaduct. The tile mural is made from Georgia clay tiles.

Gentrification has replaced much of the original culture, but a few monuments still stand to remind us of the cotton mill village founded after the Civil War and the hardworking men and women who strove to make a better life for themselves and their children.

It’s estimated twelve original mill family members still live in Cabbagetown. The reason you don’t see condos in Cabbagetown is because it has been on the National Register of Historical Places since 1976.

Photos by Dean Hesse

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