Pet Peeves

and grit

th  With all the crazy stuff going on in the world, I feel petty to bring up one of my pet peeves, but here goes. I hate to lie on my yoga mat preparing to namaste and see dirt and grit on the floor. Dean takes his shoes off and still tracks on the way back from his feral cat breaks in our backyard. They walk him, and he is content, but my floors!


My robotic sweeper, Cufy or “Bob”, as we call him, came into my life on my birthday. The perfect helpmate. He is quiet, helpful, and efficient. I can let him roam at will, but he can get stuck in our small bathroom. He keeps hitting the door until I let him out. Not withstanding the bathroom mishap, he makes a soft whirling sound and returns to his portal without a fuss. Did I mention the remote? Heaven. My floors look fantastic, and I am at peace…most of the time.

By the way Bob May was the actor inside the robot costume on the ’60s television series Lost In Space; the reason Dean and I chose the name Bob for my little miracle worker.

Ah-hah moment: A plot is forming inside my writer’s brain about a mystery writer’s robotic assistant that solves crimes, while the writer sleeps, between midnight and six o’clock in the morning, and then cooks breakfast.

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