Mother and Child


As a Scottish descendent and mother I must stand with the immigrants. Are we afraid of criminals entering our borders, or those innocent children who will grow up, work hard, and prosper in our country? Are we fearful our American-born children can’t compete, or adapt in this fast-paced world where more and more education is required? If so, who is to blame? Where do we spend our tax dollars? It is not going to educate our children, or to our teachers and professors.

In times of moral crisis, I am reminded of the Bible story of King Solomon and of the two women who stood before him claiming to be the baby’s true mother. I can imagine both women presented good evidence they were the rightful mother. The king proposed to cut the baby in half to solve the problem. Of course, the compassionate woman who asked for the baby to live was the real mother.

What I know: gaining perspective is difficult, but driving home a point, or winning shouldn’t be important when destroying the life of a child is held in the balance.

1 Kings 3:24
The king continued, “Bring me a sword.” So they brought him a sword,

1 Kings 3:26
Then the woman whose son was alive spoke to the king because she yearned with compassion for her son. “My lord,” she said, “give her the living baby. Please do not kill him!” But the other woman said, “He will not be mine or yours. Cut him in two!”

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  1. Hi Sabra,
    I think this blog with the underlying theme about how wrong it is to separate children from their parents at the border struck a nerve. You are the only person to like and probably read this blog. Thanks for your loyalty, Lynn

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