If I wasn’t Married, I’d Marry A Tree

If I wasn’t married, I would marry a tree. Why? For example, the hardy sweet gum tree that was in my front yard for over thirty years knew how to set the stage for a peaceful dreamy evening. I’d sit on the porch with the tree nearby, and we take in our world, one breathContinue reading “If I wasn’t Married, I’d Marry A Tree”

Critiques: Tearing Off Strips of Skin

This month is my turn to submit to the critique group, a peer review. Emotionally, it’s like preparing to go to the dentist or thinking about those horror flicks where strips of skin are torn off. I have three on-going manuscripts, but unfortunately, the ready-to-go twenty five crisp pages are in an in-progress piece the groupContinue reading “Critiques: Tearing Off Strips of Skin”

Where is the Bloody Book?

Where is the Bloody Book? If you’re one of those people who write without angst and torment and follow your outline that came to you in a burst of inspiration, stop reading. If you’re an author who espouses while facilitating writing workshops you don’t believe in writer’s block, just laziness and undisciplined minds, stop readingContinue reading “Where is the Bloody Book?”

Writing Along With Risk: Big Rigs, Big Money, & Cowboys

My son is a trucker. The job might not sound dangerous hauling goods from point A to point B, but I am privy to the stories. His newest venture leads him to transport cattle in Missouri, the second largest producer of cattle in the United States. My son, the big-rig cowboy, says, “Cattlemen are aContinue reading “Writing Along With Risk: Big Rigs, Big Money, & Cowboys”

Conviction Fiction

This is my new blog where I will be sharing my current writing projects primarily about strong female characters that persevere and thrive. Look for more news about Carly, a police recruit in Mobile, Alabama, Myra, a midwife living in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas in the1800s, Clara, a Roma grifter stranded in Atlanta, andContinue reading “Conviction Fiction”