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Author Lynn Hesse writes novellas, novel, and short stories.

Coming soon “Stranded in Atlanta.” A con artist trio are stuck in Atlanta without funds when the oldest member has a heart attack and suddenly dies. Clara Shannesey Blyth and her adopted Uncle Roman are crushed at their mentor’s death, but she must take over the reins of the duo and pull off a risky art heist of an Edward Hopper painting with a cut-throat team. She falls in love for the first time at twenty-seven and realizes too late Hernando is the Hopper painting’s forger and his brother is the man trying to kill her.


Spotlight on Lynn Hesse: Interview by author Thonie Hevron

Lynn knows the police world and brings her distinctive voice to her stories.

Donna Carrick’s “Dead To Writes” Podcast: 

Using one line to tell the reader about mood, character, and theme:

Keeping Prospective In Your Writing in the New Year:

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