When Nothing Works

d9704d9e-fcdc-48f4-8e4b-4f76d3afb614Photo of Ofir Nahari- famous clown performer

My cell phone won’t send the photos I took yesterday for my weekly blog.

The page won’t open in the lynnhesse.word.press.com for me to add the blog or the photo.

Patience to understand the digital world escapes me. It is hard enough to understand people.

My social media rep. can’t be reached.

The news of Trump and Putin play in the background.

The sign for the subdivision cleanup needs to be made…even if nobody shows up.

My husband doesn’t want to pickup the Keep DeKalb Beautiful equipment for the cleanup.

It’s raining.

Be grateful. You have a computer. You have coffee, food, and shelter.

It’s raining.

Is it Monday or Tuesday?

The deadline for the novella is July 31st.

The short story you rewrote and edited for ten years, the domestic violence submission nobody wanted, has been accepted for an anthology.

You should smile.

Your new tribe of sister writers didn’t dislike your anti-hero protagonist.

My hair is dirty.

I haven’t heard from my son.

The world doesn’t make sense today.

Enough. I’m going to show up and finish the next scene on the novella.

2 thoughts on “When Nothing Works

  1. Thank you! I’ve moved on, but finding the photo of Ofir made me feel better. I took a clown workshop from him last year.

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