Holy Expletive! When to Use Four-Letter Words

https://www.thoughtco.com/robins-oddest-holy-exclamations-from-the-batman-tv-series-3896999 I’m preparing to speak about writing dialogue to a group of writers in Monroe, Georgia at their monthly meeting in June. https://www.meetup.com/Walton-Writers/events/251013852/ If you are familiar with my crime fiction Well of Rage, you already know I’m not shy about using cuss words if it’s appropriate for the character and the plot. I don’tContinue reading “Holy Expletive! When to Use Four-Letter Words”

The Great Speckled Bird’s Fortieth Anniversary

  If you look closely, you will see Dean and me in the the video. In 1976 I was in Lafayette, Indiana with a bad marriage, a small child, and co-running an economy motel, or as I referred to it “the workhouse”. I wasn’t a flower child, and after my divorce it took all myContinue reading “The Great Speckled Bird’s Fortieth Anniversary”

Community Events – Labor of Love

I am a long-time resident of South DeKalb. I watched them build my house on Downs Crossing in 1986. My children grew up here and attended Redan High School. I’m a retired public servant. I am invested. Now, a new community organization, Connecting Neighbors and Neighborhoods, is budding based on conversations at a neighborhood coffee. IContinue reading “Community Events – Labor of Love”

White Female Renews Driver’s License

The Georgia DMV website advised me to bring certified copies, or the originals: Driver’s License Social Security Card Birth Certificate Divorce papers from 1977 Marriage certificate to Dean Two utility bills – proof of residency For the unlucky folks who didn’t fill out the short-cut form on the website, their waiting line at the DMVContinue reading “White Female Renews Driver’s License”

Nix The Free Monkey Grass

  I thought pick a Sunday afternoon, Earth Day, and invite people on NextDoor.com to drop by and dig up some of my out-of-control monkey grass. Easy peasy. People were interested in swapping plants until it rained. Now, I keep receiving questions and calls to book appointments for the monkey grass dig fest. “When doContinue reading “Nix The Free Monkey Grass”

“The Gutsy Girl”

“The Gutsy Girl” by Caroline Paul The Gutsy Girl: A Modern Manifesto for Bravery, Perseverance, and Breaking the Tyranny of Perfection I wish I’d written this book because Ms. Paul, a former firefighter, is so right about our culture emphasizing physical perfection for girls over the importance of developing grit and inner strength. I wasContinue reading ““The Gutsy Girl””

Mathematics and Faeries in The Spring

The beauty of mathematics eludes me, but a recent NPR radio interview about the Seven Bridges of Königsberg intrigues me. For instance, is the way we look at a problem or a the world based on our perceptions? What if our perceptions are wrong? By the way this 1736 idea led to the study ofContinue reading “Mathematics and Faeries in The Spring”