The Great Speckled Bird’s Fortieth Anniversary


If you look closely, you will see Dean and me in the the video.

In 1976 I was in Lafayette, Indiana with a bad marriage, a small child, and co-running an economy motel, or as I referred to it “the workhouse”. I wasn’t a flower child, and after my divorce it took all my energy to start over and raise my child. I didn’t have a degree and potential employers could ask you personal questions during the interview–such as, if you were on the pill. I went into law enforcement because I wanted to do my bit for God and country, raise Aaron, and get an education through the Law Enforcement Education Program (L.E.E.P.). I finally graduated in 1996 from Georgia State University. I paid out-of-pocket for most of my education and never applied for welfare or food stamps, but now when I look back, I’m glad others were protesting, writing leftist articles, and going about the business of being watchdogs. Some of the founders of The Great Speckled Bird are now politicians. Refer to the article.

Now, I work as a community activist and performance artist trying to make my community better by doing cleanups in my subdivision and encouraging people to vote.

Sometimes, I do get down when people steal the plastic push pins out of my community sign. But…

Life is strange, and it takes all of us: conservatives, moderates, and liberals working for the betterment of mankind. May we preserve our country together.

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