Nix The Free Monkey Grass



I thought pick a Sunday afternoon, Earth Day, and invite people on to drop by and dig up some of my out-of-control monkey grass.

Easy peasy. People were interested in swapping plants until it rained.

Now, I keep receiving questions and calls to book appointments for the monkey grass dig fest. “When do you close?” one lady asked.

You might say, “Simply don’t answer the phone,” a sound idea in theory.  In practice it gets complicated.

When an elderly lady on Friday before the advertised drop-by day on Sunday is on her way to visit a friend at an old-folks home, and she wants to give her friend some grass, oops I mean primrose, your sweet husband gives in and digs up the plants for her and puts it in a plastic bag.

It does sound like “suspicious activity on Downs Crossing…” Digging holes, again. I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead.


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