Met A Clever Spider: Quite a Character


Photo by Dean Hesse

The female yellow garden spider has many admirable, intriguing traits:

“The writing spider” makes zigzag lines in her web. –Plot twists abound

She is clean. She remakes her interior web every day. –A born editor

She has an additional claw to spine her intricate webs. –A secret weapon

She is larger than the male. –A strong female protagonist

The male is brown, but she is yellow. –A colorful, exciting female

The male roams from female to female and seeks out the female by plucking at her web. –A musician, no doubt, and my antagonist

Many males die shortly after mating. –What can I say? A body needs to appear early on in a mystery.

The female eats the dead male. –Quirky, a little OCD

She is stable and stays in one place to reproduce. –Maternal instincts, or other likable traits are necessary for a heroine

Her presence is a sign the ecology is healthy in your yard. –She protects the other characters in the story.

She isn’t aggressive as a rule, but she will bite you if provoked. The human reaction to her poison is similar to a bee sting. –You’re going down if you commit the crime — no get-out-of-free jail card.


5 thoughts on “Met A Clever Spider: Quite a Character

    1. I give credit to Dean who shared his photo. When I researched “the writing spider” she was too good to be true.

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