Mindfulness at Thanksgiving

I can’t believe I bought that expensive bread in Avondale, Georgia. I am mindful as I pay over eight dollars a loaf for gluten free-bread at a bakery that I am in the minority of folks that have that option. bread It is for my health because I don’t want to take antibiotics.

I love white potatoes, bread, tomatoes, pasta, and humus etc. All the foods that are acidic. Rice bread versus wheat bread is alkaline. Beets, yucca, kale, purple-skinned vegetables like eggplant are alkaline. I am doing better about eating the right stuff and drinking cold water instead of  my almost caffeine-free sweet iced tea and coffee, but it’s difficult. I feel deprived. In answer to my whining, I can hear my ancestors say, “How would you like to have only a potato to share between you and your Scottish brothers and sisters?”

Second Option: Does anybody have an easy recipe for gluten-free bread that actually has a palatable taste and texture?

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