A Blessing Quilt for a Writer

My sister, Kathy, and I on her birthday in 2018.

My sister makes exquisite quilts.

At my pre-launch—I signed a contract for my first book party—she asked my supporters to write words of encouragement for me on pieces of material that she incorporated into a blessing quilt.

I’m holding the quilt in my banner photo. When I think about giving up, I reread the thoughts of my friends and colleagues and preservere. I am thankful for the free webinars, countless hours spent in other writer’s company, and the libraries filled with authors’ books I love to read.

It comes back to why I write. I write to create and express who I am, to be seen, to pass along what I know to be true, to share whatever wisdom I have attained, and to empower others.

The light in me acknowledges the light within you.

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    1. I just saw this message in my spam folder. Thank you for supporting my work with your comments. Sometimes, it feels like I write and nobody hears me.

  1. I tried to sign for your blog, but was unsucessful. I answered your email about if I was that Woody from Morningside in the 60’s. Last I looked, it said my comments were waiting for moderation?

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