Writing Along With Risk: Big Rigs, Big Money, & Cowboys

My son is a trucker. The job might not sound dangerous hauling goods from point A to point B, but I am privy to the stories. His newest venture leads him to transport cattle in Missouri, the second largest producer of cattle in the United States. My son, the big-rig cowboy, says, “Cattlemen are aContinue reading “Writing Along With Risk: Big Rigs, Big Money, & Cowboys”

Conviction Fiction

This is my new blog where I will be sharing my current writing projects primarily about strong female characters that persevere and thrive. Look for more news about Carly, a police recruit in Mobile, Alabama, Myra, a midwife living in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas in the1800s, Clara, a Roma grifter stranded in Atlanta, andContinue reading “Conviction Fiction”