“The Strangest of Professions”

Author Lisa Wingate writes in the acknowledgments of The Sea Keeper’s Daughter: “Writing is the strangest of professions. Here is a job in which your ask each day to listen to the voices of people who don’t exist and describe events that never were. It’s the adult version of Let’s Pretend.” While writing the roughContinue reading ““The Strangest of Professions””

Thanksgiving Dessert: Cake or Pie Person?

The Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants considered cake people more refined than pie people because you may put any scrap of meat or vegetable in a pie, bake, and take it into the fields to go to work. No forks necessary. Cake required sugar, honey, or molasses and a yeast or a rising agent. In other words,Continue reading “Thanksgiving Dessert: Cake or Pie Person?”

Beverly “Guitar” Watkins Music & Pain

Music saves me and soothes me when the pain level, thick like a fog sits on my back, gets too great to think or write. Last Friday night Beverly “Guitar” Watkins and her band, The Meter Tones, played in the municipal parking lot on Main Street in downtown Stone Mountain, Georgia. She played with herContinue reading “Beverly “Guitar” Watkins Music & Pain”

Journal Writing of A Retired Officer # 4:

  It’s another day on the south side. Busy. Lost of calls pending, most 911-high priority calls. A third of my officers are Army Reserve and in the Middle East serving in the Gulf War. We carry their names on the roster as if they are still present for roll call, ready to work theirContinue reading “Journal Writing of A Retired Officer # 4:”