Is truTV true?

IMG_6695-2My grandson is addicted to his electronic device just like every other thirteen-year- old, but he does look up and speak, occasionally. During Christmas vacation he spent  a couple of nights with us, and we reconnected the old-fashioned way. We talked. He helped with the chores and involved himself in making decisions about Christmas presents. I learned he liked Adam Ruins Everything and Carbanaro Effect on the truTv channel. Both funky shows debunk common held scientific and not so scientific beliefs. They use the process of critical thinking, a skill I find lacking in many young people.

I might be a little less concerned his one-eyed monster obsessions will turn his brain to mush. Now, my next goal as a grandmother is to make sure his mind is straight about the power of both sexes, or as Aretha would say, “RESPECT.”

He will be trapped in a car with me for four hours to and from Alabama for an upcoming family wedding. Well, he will be dating soon…

Adam Ruins Everything, truTV

Carbanaro Effect, truTV

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