Tasers, Self Defense, & Community


I attended a community meeting at Green Forest Baptist Church on Rainbow Drive in Decatur, Georgia. My intention was to learn how to use the new tasers and buy one for my safety and the safety of others. Why? A few weeks ago,  I was leaving my subdivision, I witnessed a domestic struggle in a car involving two young adults. The male was choking the female. It was a life-threatening situation. I took action, and the woman got away, but I was not armed, and I could’ve been hurt or killed. I know because I was a police officer. I worked thousands of domestic in 23 years on the force.

Many in the crowd at the church were less agile than I. I wondered as they purchased tasers if self-defense classes would be a better route, but no matter what, walkers and canes left them vulnerable. Disrespect for the elderly was mentioned, and I saw fear in their eyes.

I tried for many years to make things better, protect, one call at a time. Since I’ve retired I have learned to improv and play more in my life and on stage.

What if I could place my energies into creative solutions, saying  “Yes, and” (an improv technique) with theIMG_2864 people in the community of South DeKalb? “Connecting Neighbors and Neighborhoods” on NextDoor.com might not work. What do I have to lose?

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