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Trying to live in the moment with limitations as a 66-year-old woman ain’t easy. The performing, book signings, marketing, and writing take stamina. Sometimes, my chronic pain level gets the better of me. I don’t like pain meds; I use water walking, regular exercise, along with dancing and some Qigong. I find my true nature as an introvert requires regulars intervals of quiet, alone time to navigate the emotional challenges of the complex demands of traffic, automated receptionists, and online workshops/business. Resetting my brain with Feldenkrais classes and music changing my Alpha and Beta waves to calm Theta waves helps. Humor helps.

In a Grace and Frankie Netflix episode — okay, I’m binging on the series because it makes me laugh, and it’s honest — shows Grace taking off her makeup and revealing her ice-packed bum knee to her new male friend.

Sometimes, I don’t wear makeup. Do I look better with makeup? Of course I do, but how trivial compared to living with a temporary or permanent disability.

Unfortunately, the perception of me by a lot of people shrinks when they learn about my sciatic pain, or I don’t wear makeup. I can feel their potential and expectation meter drop to the floor. I’m sure I’m not unique in this regard.

I am an intelligent, vital woman. I could NOT talk about what goes on behind the scenes, ever, but I want to be real. The illusion of limitless youth be damn.17800069_1644726328889109_5306552150596649422_nI’ve earned my wrinkles through a life well lived. I do have in my favor wisdom, a disciplined will, and a thing called muscle memory, an intuitive sense of how the body works, from my dance training.

Now, how do I want to spend the rest of my life? Naysayers, look out. Here I come…right after I take a nap.

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  1. Love this post, Lynn. I have a few years on you and can identify with all of this. You are amazing with the schedule you keep, look great without makeup, and who knew you had sciatic pain, you move with such grace. I love Grace & Frankie and had to laugh with her knee surgery. Brought back memories of my hip issues. Love your writing and needed to read this today.

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