Sisters in Crime Book Discussion Questions

Another Kind of Hero  

By Lynn Hesse             Mystery/Suspense               Sept.15, 2017, Desert Breeze Publishing

anotherkindofherocoverart72dpi__45741-1499557189-1280-1280Description: A casket full of money and drugs at the Pick’n Pay in Forsyth Georgia, plus a ghost, put argumentative sisters and a DEA agent in jeopardy.

Wanda, the ghost, develops her haint powers to protect her best friend, Mavis, and her squirrely godson, Clith, from the murders, dope-dealers, and money launderers. Meanwhile, Helen, Mavis’s meddling sister, drags her into a scheme to get the manager of the Pick’n Pay in Forsyth, Georgia fired for sexual harassment. When the uncover DEA Agent Dewey Blackman’s investigation leads him to the sisters, it’s hard to explain they got their intel from a ghost and a murder is about to occur.

This book is a good choice for a humorous-mystery themed book club meeting because of the homespun wisdom of Wanda, and the entanglements of the love relationships conflicting and interfering with solving the crimes.


Do you know anyone who likes to dress like a “furry” animal?

What relationship dilemma in the story made you laugh the most?

Why is Wanda stuck between Mavis’s house and Clith’s loft?

What powers does Wanda develop during the book?

Why does Helen want David Hoffman fired?

Shermantown, Cora Justin DuPont’s residence, is connected with a large granite mountain. What is its name? What organization held ceremonies on the top of mountain until the 1960s?

How did Angie meet Jerry Belmont?

Besides Cora, what does Daniel McMurphy AKA Dewey Cornwall Blackman love?

Can you recall when the items on front cover of Another Kind of Hero (binoculars, handcuffs, drugs, and laundered money) came into the action?

Which character do you think fits best the author’s notion of another kind of hero?

Who was the first Mrs. Belmont?

What social issues/ills are brought to the forefront in this plot set in a southern small town?

Who is Clith’s mother? Hint: She is Wanda’s sister.

What muscle cars are in the book? Who owns them?

From what city were the assassins recruited? What were their backgrounds?

Did you root more for Harnell or Daniel to wind up with the gal of his dreams?

What is a drug pipeline?

Who almost died in the field near the old furniture warehouse?

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